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Free Sinhala to English dictionary and translator

The Sinhala-English Dictionary is a free and compact dictionary and translation tool great for people who are trying to learn or speak both English and Sinhala. This is a great tool for English speakers moving into Sri Lanka or for Sinhalese speakers moving into English-speaking regions.

Like other specialized dictionaries like the Hinkhoj Hindi English Dictionary, the Sinhala-English Dictionary was designed to be a companion for people who needs access to both languages on the go. Users can just look up the word they need and the app will provide its exact translation.

Translate every word

For a dictionary and translator app with a massive word bank, the Sinhala-English Dictionary comes in a relatively small file size with an installer that’s only 16MB. Once installed, the app leads you to a simple interface. It lets you choose between English to Sinhala or vice versa, depending on what language you’re used to. Native speakers of the Sinhala language would find this intuitive since it supports the Sinhala script, showing their words in their own writing system.

You can scroll down the dictionary with all possible words listed down alphabetically. Clicking on a specific word will show you the English term, then the transliteration into the Sinhala language, as well as the word in the native script. Conversely, you can just use the search bar and type in the word that you need to be translated. The sequence of translation entries also depends on whether you use English to Sinhala or Sinhala to English.

Another strength of this app is that it completely works offline. Since it doesn’t need a constant Internet connection, you can use it even in areas where data services are restricted or unavailable. This adds to its suitability as a mobile companion for people navigating either the English or Sinhala language. Whether you’re in the city or in a remote location, you can rely on this app to get your dictionary and translation needs.

A specialized guide better offline

One glaring disadvantage of the Sinhala-English Dictionary is that whenever you use it online, there are frequent pop-up advertisements. While this undoubtedly helps the developer earn more from their work, this also interrupts a focused study session or even a much-needed on-the-spot translation. A simple way to work around this is to turn off the Internet connection, although it would affect your other tasks and functionalities.

It is also important to note that this only allows for single-word translations. Unlike other dictionaries that involve phrases or idioms, this app doesn’t have the same capabilities–which leaves a gap in understanding everyday language. While the app gives users a foundation with the language, it still leaves a window for misinterpretation since expressions and idioms do not translate literally from one language to another.

Basic Sinhala to English companion

For people traveling to Sri Lanka, or for Sinhalese people moving to other areas, the Sinhala-English Dictionary is a good tool to have. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can access it anytime even without a data connection. Its search option makes it easy to navigate and find the word you need. While it lacks more advanced translation features such as expressions and idioms, this app can still help you whether in Sinhala or in English.

Sinhala-English Dictionary

Sinhala-English Dictionary is a handy and reliable application that allows you to translate English into Sinhala and viceversa. The application allows you to bookmark words in order to find them easier in the dictionary. It comes with a mouse tracker feature that automatically searches the dictionary for words you select, as well as a virtual Sinhala keyboard.

If you are studying english language, this tool may be helpful for you to find words that other dictionaries can't find. It will help you also to improve your English pronunciation and grammar. Each definition contains pronunciation with an example of how a specific word must be pronounced. you can bookmark words, use a "Mouse Track" function, as well as a Text suggestions and virtual Sinhala keyboard.

Sinhala-English Dictionary is a handy and reliable application that allows you to translate English into Sinhala and viceversa.It comes with a mouse tracker feature that automatically searches the dictionary for words you select.


  • Works offline
  • Has a massive word bank
  • Supports the Sinhala script
  • Comes in a small file size


  • Frequent pop-up ads when online
  • Only supports single-word translations

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Sinhala-English Dictionary for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.1119
  • 3.8


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  • pramuditha hansamal

    by pramuditha hansamal

    It is a great software as a modern dictionary with modern technology. It will chase the trouble of typing words for you. That means when you are reading an ebook or something, if you want to know the sinhala meaning of some word you can just select t More


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